Smells like home.

It’s pretty hard to imagine the best smell in the world. You only really know when it has permeated the room, a perfume so intense you hope it’s seeping into the couch. It. is. butter crunch.

It’s the beautiful complexity of the simplest of ingredients. Butter + Sugar + Flour. and sea salt & citrus.

Butter Crunch in a nutshell is a crumble-y, streusel-y goodness usually found on the top of streusel and crumbles. It’s the part you always want more of.

I usually make mine in a super large batch, as it freezes well, at every stage of the process.


yield: a lot …4-6 Quarts

*Important to have all your ingredients frozen, which allows the butter to form small air pockets  in the butter crunch. The high amount of butter in the crunch makes it really “short”.

Butter 500g, cubed

Sugar 600g

A.P. Flour 600g

Sea Salt 2 tsp.

Citrus Zest, as desired (usually, one of each, lemon, orange, and lime) but you can use whatever you prefer and in what amounts. today, i only had lemon & lime, orange you glad?

**Obvious other ideas, just cinnamon. Dehydrated Strawberry & Cardamom. Lemon Poppy. you get it.


Freeze All ingredients. Process in robocoup (or whatevs) in batches. until frozen butter resembles very small peas.

Divide into 2 half sheet trays and bake 325 until golden brown about 25 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes, break up with spatula. Turn off oven and let dry out in residual heat.

Cool completely before processing more & before storing.

**You can freeze the butter crunch at any point during the process if you want to bake it another day.

I recommend baking one tray at a time in your home oven, for even baking. But, you do you.




back to the baker’s life

I’m pretty thrilled to say that with this new year, I’m turning over a new leaf. I know I’ve missed the whole of January and the beginnings of February, but that leaf was big and heavy, and unruly. Instead of securing a new job in the event that I’d decide to leave my pastry job at the Lake Placid Lodge, I just decided to leave. And even though we all knew of my imminent departure, adios, ciao, sayonara, and c’est la vie, I think I even surprised myself. Or was I all that surprised?

the snow falls in November. I get restless by January.

it’s really hard to find a pastry job in a seasonal mountain town, duh.

well I found one. The Whiteface Lodge, right on down the road.

C’est la vie. apparently, “that is life”…yeah, aw shucks, I’m not too accepting of that.

Little Pink houses, for you and me. DESSERTS thissss week. and next at the lodge…

Menu at the Lake Placid Lodge from September 22nd-October 4th!


Caramel Chiboust. Caramelia Flexi Ganache.

Cashew Crackerjacks.

Corn Anglaise. Aleppo Pepper Cream.


Lemon-Vanilla Crepaze.

Pineapple Sorbet & Jus

Blueberry Compote.


Grapefruit Pudding Cake.

Tarragon Gel. Pinenut Streusel.

Creme Fraiche.


Cinnamon-Whiskey Cake.

Maple Fluff.

Marinated Roasted Grapes.

Banana Ice Cream.



Dutch Knuckle.

Autumn Panforte.

Raisin. Apple Butter.

All of my friends, come to see me last night. New desserts at the Lake Placid Lodge. hashtaggg, tag yo’ friends.

Woah. this is tough. Here’s the menu for this week. like yesterday, by the time you read this. IMG_4366

Black Currant Sticky Toffee Pudding

orange butterscotch. white chocolate covered currants.


Baked Apple.

Calvados Veil. Brown Butter & Almond Shortbread.

Salty Caramel. Celery Milk Foam


Autumn Spiced Sweet Potato Flan.

curry foam. chili shoestrings. coconut sorbet. 


Black & White

White Chocolate mousse. torn double chocolate cake

Local Stout Cream

(Great Adirondack Brewery, Whiteface Black Diamond Stout)

Chocolate covered espresso beans

dark chocolate ice cream.

and say, cheese.


Asgard Fresh Chevre

beets, grape, balsamic gel, walnut chutney, & celery confit.

That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, i like it. sweets on sweets. on cheese.

oh dear, is it monday already? Here are the are the desserts at the Lake Placid Lodge this week. Monday, September 8 – through Sunday, September…14th.



Carraot-Ginger Cremeux. Brown Suga’ Gel. Carrot Cake Ice Cream. Pineapple Cream. Raisin Puree.

Image 1


Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake. Compressed Chocolate Cake.

Orange Gel. Coffee Crumb. Cocoa Nib Puree.

Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream.

Image 2


Caramel & Apples. Cognac Cake. Sweet Pickled Caramel Apples.

Sambuca Caramel. Fennel Pollen Caramel Chews.

Rosemary Ice Cream. Crispy Fennel.

Image 3


Last of the Summer Berry Composition: Ricotta Sorbet. Balsamic Gelee.

Berry Foams, Gels, Sorbets, Crisps, Leathers.

Lime Curd.

Missing (halved blackberries)
Image 4



Barkeater Bouche

Salad of Pickled Cucumber, Naked Tomatoes, & Red Onion. Tahini Gel. Chickpea Tuiles. 

Peach Melba Frozen Mousse and recipes. ress. it. peas.


 The Peach. Melba. peach + raspberry + cream. Thank you, Escoffier.



It’s a fro-yo. heavy on the fro. 

Frozen Yogurt Mousse Peach Melba. alrighty a bit much. 

Here’s the recipe. super easy peazy.


Frozen Yogurt Mousse:

250g yogurt

4g gelatine

50g swiss merengue (22g whites/29g sugar)

lemon, orange, lime zest


150g whipped cream, soft peaks

peach butter to taste, recipe follows


super simple.

1. loosen your yogurt by whisking it to a smooth texture. Warm a little of the yogurt and season the rest with fresh nutmeg and citrus zests.

moving on, meanwhile.

2. Over a double boiler, combine whites and sugar in your mixing bowl and warm until sugar dissolves and mixture is fairly hot. Whip. 

3. Dissolve your bloomed gelatine in the bit of warm yogurt. Combine back with seasoned yogurt. fold in merengue. fold in whipped cream. add peach butter to taste. FOLD be gentle, as to not deflate.

4. Pipe in flexi-molds and freeze. or pipe into anything and freeze.

** the frozen yogurt mousse is best enjoyed not straight out of the freezer but rather tempered a bit.




1# peaches

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup sugar


agar or pectin

lemon juice TT



Cook the peaches in water and sugar until jammy. 

Pass through a ricer. Reduce. At this point your can tighter your butter with a 1/2 tsp of agar, and brought back up to a boil for a minute. Then set and puree in a food processor adding lemon juice to adjust acidity. orrr. you can use pectin, just follow the directions. 

I used this as both a sauce and an accent flavor in the frozen yogurt.

finally the best part of the dish. PEACH CHIPS.

….those crunchy lookin’ things on top.


1. mandolin peaches. steam 2-3 minutes until translucent. Dehydrate. FRY. dust with icing sugar. carnival style. who says fried food and yogurt don’t go together. The peach taste of the chips really shines through. amazing.


The Peach Melba Frozen Yogurt Mousse will be available at The Lake Placid Lodge the week of August 1-7, 2014.

Sweetmeats. and the story begins…

So it’s been a great while. a whole long crazy summer, put your head down. till the leaves change and all the people go away.. end. of. summer, already?? for reals??

Not even a couple of years ago when I first began this blog. well not this blog, specifically. Remember my hardlybogan blog. check it. 

I remember when the most lovely of women, Sandra, had suggested I write a blog about my experiences in Australia working on a bee farm while visiting my mum. I was definitely hesitant. (cagey. reticent. dubious, indisposed…–>thesaurus creeping’). And when I first started the hardlybogan blog, it was really hard to sit down and hone my day’s memories into a bunch of keyboard punchin’ helvetica words. But when I really began to see the benefits, of the whole blog experience, as it helped me become cognizant of what was really going down in my life. It helped me remember my whole bee thang and of course spending all that time with my beautiful momma. All of a sudden, I be bloggin’

…First there was enufchocolates. I should’t say was per se. enufchocolates, in spirit. Long live the chocolates. Keep your eyes peeled, for the return. 

Then there was Cuppa Joe. Not only was there so much to write about during the year of Cuppa. coffee shop start-up in a coffee shop generation. Not to mention it’s where I posted my daily every changing four-dollar sandwich menu. I still go back and read my menus, and just laugh. I remember that mustard, that relish, that whipped bleu cheese. It makes my buds reminisce.

And now…The LPL. The Lake Placid Lodge. A Relais & Chateau. In the Adirondacks, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Finally a platform for me to make my desserts. It took me about eight months to really take over the whole pastry department, and this blog is how I’m going to remember it. At first I only controlled Maggie’s Pub, one of the two restaurants at the Lodge. Their “Artisan” side, is the fancier, course out menu, pre-dessert, dessert, petit fours…

Maggie’s Pub is seasonal and remains consistent, while Artisans is forever changing, off-the cuff, everything is a special. Changes as I see fit, which is pretty much weekly…


Carrot Cake. Vanilla-Infused Pineapple. Cream Cheese Gelato.

Raisin Puree & Fluff. Pineapple Blanc Mange. Carrot Chips.

August 24-31, 2014


And…here’s Maggie’s Banana Split with Local Stout Ice Cream made with the awarding winning stout from The Great Adirondack Brewery. Shout-out. I drizzle over a stout reduction syrup to reenforce those bitter, but sweet tones.

First I brûlée the banana with local maple sugar from South Maple Farms. Salty Peanuts, Strawberries that were cooked with star anise, lemon, and orange zest.

Finally I use a microplane to finely grate over some Frozen Maple Shortbread. 







Tonight I’m finishing the last of my new menu. Turns out Mondays will prove to be my craziest days. 

hardlybogan blog. is quite the tongue twister.

Chocolate. Malt. Lemon.



Milk Chocolate Cremeux. Malted Chocolate Ice Cream. Lemon Curd. Macaron Dust. Blackberry.

Thank you, Thank you Matt Furman, for the wonderful photo. As things change so fast, as one special turns into another, this approach with an ever evolving menu leaves behind desserts forgotten. Thanks for this. And how lucky I was to have such a talented  photographer taking photographs of my desserts. Insanely lucky. I must know the right people.I must be in love with his brother.